Our Ethos

  • All children are different. Every child has their own unique set of talents. Some are loud, exuberant and confident, others are quiet and sensitive. Whatever your child is like, all that is important to you is that they are happy and fulfilled.


  • Footsteps Drama School is a fresh approach to the usual drama/stage schools. Using a bespoke brand of workshops in drama, voice control, singing, movement and dance our only goal is to develop every child's potential. We are not looking to select the best talent, be an agent, or create an ethos where your child feels under pressure or that their are not talented enough.


  • Footsteps Drama School wants to develop a passion for performance in all young people who attend our classes and provide them with an opportunity to experience performing in public. We wish to develop the confidence of all our pupils, something that will stand them in good stead for their future lives. We believe that your child will benefit from our fun filled programmes that will develop your child's confidence in speaking and performing in public as well as increasing their concentration levels and enthusiasm for the performing arts.


  • Most of all Footsteps Drama School will provide a fun and safe environment in which your child can learn, develop and blossom.