Up Coming Public Murder Mysteries

"An Evening With

Hercule Poirot"

Agatha Christie Inspired Murder Mystery

Fri 22nd Nov, 7pm

Rostrevor Inn, Rostrevor


The year is 1933 and the famed Belgian Detective, Hercule Poirot , has recently returned from Egypt where he famously solved a complicated murder whilst cruising on the river Nile. As a result Poirot’s Doctor has told him in no uncertain terms that he ought to take of some sea air to rest himself after the excitement he endured in Egypt.  As it so happened he received a letter from a young friend of his who lives in Ireland, a George Hampton, to come and visit the beautiful Carlingford Lough area of County Down. George & Hercule are returning from a couple of days exploring the area and are staying the night at the Rostrevor Inn.  However all is not well.  A body of one of their fellow passengers has been discovered and Poirot must put aside any desires for relaxation and put his little grey cells to the test. If you have what it takes to test your sleuthing skills against the great hercule then dress to impress in Flapper dresses and Trilbys and see if your little grey cells are up to the task. 


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