Theatrical Services

Footsteps is not just a provider of Historical Costumed Interpretation we are also highly skilled in the provision of theatrical Services including script writing, producing, creative direction, drama workshops and training for both adults and for school children:


Theatrical Services


The following are just a selection of the services Footsteps can provide for you in the field of theatrical services:

  • Commissioned script writing

  • Creative direction, with professional or amateur cast

  • Stage/lighting design

  • Production management

Our most recent production was "Turas", an historical play focusing on the relationship between the peoples  of Leitrim & Fermanagh in the context of an all Ireland history. The remit for this project was to create a production that would use a cross community/border amateur cast of all ages and ranges of ability. This project was organised by Carrick On Shannon Heritage Group and funded by the International Fund For Ireland. Contact the Carrick on Shannon Heritage Group, St George's Heritage Centre, Carrick On Shannon for a reference. 


Drama Workshops


Adult programmes:


Footsteps will develop Drama Workshops using a variety of drama and acting techniques that will have the following benefits:

  • Suitable for all levels of ability

  • Ideal for Team building

  • Develop interpersonal skills

  • Develop personal confidence in public speaking & performance

  • Energetic

  • Entertaining

  • Interactive

  • Fun


School Programmes:


Key Stage 2 & 3:


Footsteps can provide a number of services for schools. Whether you require Drama workshops as part of the teaching of the Drama Curriculum, workshops to bring to life a play on the curriculum or whether you want to provide your students with the public speaking tools that will aid their confidence as well as their career opprotunities, Footsteps can help. With over 20 years experience in Speech & Drama performance and over 20 years experience in acting, Footsteps will provide your students with a fully interactive, entertaining and educational workshop or workshops in Drama.


Key Stage 1:


Footsteps can provide key stage 1 children workshops in basic dramatic skills. Through learning by fun and learning through play, the children will learn basic dramatic skills that can help them develop into confident public speakers and performers in their later years.