Weekend Murder Mysteries

Murder Mystery weekends are an opportunity to let Footsteps whisk you back in time and immerse you in a weekend of mystery and intrigue. With over 20 years of experience in writing and performing Murder Mysteries throughout Ireland and the UK, we will provide your guests or visitors with a weekend to remember



Murder Mystery Weekend Package


“The Point of Murder”

1940’s Country House Themed Murder Mystery Weekend


Have you got what it takes to put your powers of sleuthing to the ultimate test? Then “The Point of Murder”, our brand new 1940’s Country House themed Murder Mystery Weekend, is where you should be.  This two day immersive Murder Mystery weekend will transport you back to war time Ireland for a murder mystery experience not to be missed.  From the moment you arrive on the Saturday afternoon, to your departure on Sunday after the final lunch, mystery, intrigue and top notch entertainment will be the order of the day. But it is not just the professional actors who will be dressed to impress. You too are invited to step back in time and wear your best cocktail dress and Dicky Bow for Saturday night and your best country attire for the Sunday morning and afternoon. We want you to be fully engaged with the weekends thrilling plot, converse with fellow guests and characters,  test your sleuthing skills, search for clues, listen to everyone and trust no-one.  Murder is in the air, it can happen at anytime, anywhere… and you must solve the mystery that will baffle even the greatest of detectives.

Number of Characters:

  • 8 - 10 professionally trained actors

Proposed Weekend Schedule:


Day 1 5.00pm:     

Guests arrive early evening and are met by 2x characters who welcome them to the hotel and bring them to their rooms.

Day 1: 6.30pm:

Guests meet the characters for a pre dinner drink.


Day 1: 7.30pm - 10.00pm  Evening Meal:

Guests sit down with the characters and immersed in a bygone era where they will get to know the characters and be part of the thrilling storyline. 

Day 1: 10.00pm - Midnight:

Guests have an opportunity to relax in the company of the characters, see what makes them tick, and be entertained by stories & songs

Day 2  8.30am:  A murder is announced  

Guests awake to the news that a murder has taken place


Day 2  9.30 - 10.30:  Breakfast

The Inspector arrives and questions the guests over breakfast.


Day 2  11.00pm: Guests investigate murder scene

Guests will have the opportunity to investigate the actual murder scene and look for clues


Day 2  12pm - 1pm: Investigation

Guests & Inspector question suspects     

Day 2 1pm - 2pm: Lunch & All is revealed

Over lunch all is revealed & those successful in their sleuthing receive their reward.


Further Information & Price: